Midwest Beef Cattle Consultants

Item Beef Management Calendar

Please feel free to download this spreadsheet program that I made so that you can plan ahead for herd events. The spreadsheet asks you to input your ideal primary (and possibly a secondary) calving period and the spreadsheet then gives you dates for a "to do" list for your herd.

The program is especially helpful if you have an extended calving season and want to get back control of this important factor of your beef business. If there are things you would like to add to the program or if you find an easier way to accomplish the same goal, please contact me and I will make the recommended adjustments.

Item Nutrient feed cost calculator

Use this calculator to determine the price of any feedstuff on an energy (TDN) and protein (CP) basis. To do this you will need the:price per unit, %dry matter, %TDN and %CP. The spreadsheet will automatically calculate the price of each feedstuff based on the %TDN and %CP. To sort the feedstuffs from lowest to highest price click on the appropriate column (top of "F" for TDN for example). A down arrow will appear when you are at the correct spot and the column will be highlighted. Next, go to the button near the top right and click on "AZ Sort & Filter". Then click "sort smallest to largest" and a "Sort warning" will appear that asks if you want to expand the selection. Click that answer if it is not already selected and click "sort". That will give you the product that is the lowest cost per unit of energy at the top. Repeat for protein if this is needed. I added the website for the prices of many by-product feeds in the Midwest.

You can update prices of the feedstuffs I have entered or you can add new ones.

Item Cost of Feeding Open Cows

This spreadsheet allows you to see the cost of feeding an open cow during the winter. It is very simple and allows you to change days fed while looking at percent open and cost of feed to determine if it is cost-effective to pregnancy check your cows.

Item Beef Economics Calculator

This spreadsheet is courtesy of Dr. Kevin Hill from Merck Animal Health. It has tabs at the bottom for health events like preconditioning and deworming along with economics of pregnancy checking cows. You simply input your figures and the spreadsheet will do all the work to let you know if various plans are cost-effective for your herd.

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