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Gelbvieh cattle really fit my personality and my philosophy. These German cattle are calm, methodical and sometimes stubborn. Being about half German, I can relate.

My goal is to produce herd improving bulls for high profit commercial herds. Nothing in the cattle business is more rewarding for me than selling someone a bull and then hearing what a terrific impact he has made on the herd.

The bulls I produce are all:

- Moderate for birth weight

- Moderate for milk

- High for growth

- Excellent for disposition

- Excellent for calf vigor at birth

- Strong on carcass traits

- Moderate frame

- Easy fleshing

Beef cattle need to be hardy animals that can thrive in their environment. If you want pampered cattle that are high maintenance, you can stop reading right now. While I would like you to check your cows 2-3 times per day during calving season, I know the reality is that many get seen once per day. If you have calving trouble and poor calf vigor, you end up with a pile of dead calves That's not what you'll get with my cattle. I frequently have owners say they didn't see a single calf born and end up with a 95 - 100% calf crop. Those reports make me smile.

While the bulls I sell are quite similar and all pass my test of traits above, there will be differences. If you don't keep daughters, growth and carcass becomes even more important. If your cows are too big (most are), you need to focus more on moderate frame.

My goal is to find the best bull for your herd. If I don't have what you need, I'll help you find what you do need. Selling you a bull that does not fit your goals makes no sense.

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