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Cows do not become "elite cows" in my herd until they have produced calves that exceed my expectations. All cows in my herd must produce a calf every year. If a cow is open at fall pregnancy check, then she is "asking to leave the herd". How can a cow make you any money if she does not get pregnant in a 65 day breeding season? My cows are not pampered in any way, in fact, they are treated like commercial cows because they live every day with a herd of commercial cows. If my cows live in the "real world environment" then they will produce bulls and females that can go to your herd and live in your "real world" environment.

218B Purebred GelbviehThis cow may be a once-in-a-lifetime cow. At 15 years of age, she still looked like she was in the prime of her life. She had an excellent udder and her structure was ideal. She had three bull calves that have weaned off at over 850 lbs. with no creep feed and has done this while having a 365 day calving interval. When someone says you can't have a cow that has tremendous milk production, growth and fertility, I just point to 218. It was a sad day on October 31, 2007 as that is the day 218 went to market. After 15 years of age and 14 calves weaned, she was open at fall pregnancy check. Her genetics live on due to her numerous bulls I sold and her daughters I have kept.
6J Purebred GelbviehThis cow just keeps getting better and better. Every one of her calves has been kept for a breeding animal. Her bull calves have gone to the IBEP test and done very well. Her heifers have been kept for replacements or sold for top dollar to other seedstock herds. We flushed this cow to Sinclair Net Present Valus (Angus) in 2007 and recovered 5 embryos. Since she calves every year right on schedule and each year weans off a tremendous calf, we flushed her this spring and recovered 8 viable embryos, implanted 5 and have four full sib heifer calves that will be for sale this fall. If they don't sell, they stay in my herd. In 2005, 6J's grandson was the high indexing bull over all breeds at the IBEP (Indiana bull test) and sold for $4000 to Jim Orr and Sons from Orleans, IN. This cow is elite because she calves every year right on schdule, weans a huge calf and is as tame as a Gelbvieh. 6J has three daughters in my herd and they are all outstanding.
5M BalancerThis 2002 daughter of my old 5Z cow (Rolls Roych) and TCA Blackhawk (Angus) is a 1/2 sister to 6J. She produced a very nice 6I6 heifer her first year, an Exclusive bull that did super at the IBEP test and sold to Billy Frank Harnad of Kentucky, a very growthy K503 daughter in '06 that sold to Dr. Ginger Ertel in Missouri, and my best bull in 2007 that sold to Allan and Skyler Boyden from Illinois. In 2007 we flushed her and got 4 embryos and 4 calves. Since 2007 she has had bulls that went to top commercial herds and heifers that stayed in my herd or were sold to Gelbvieh breeders. We flushed her again in 2011 and got 9 embryos which resulted in one bull and four heifers. All the heifers will be for sale this fall. What a chance to buy four full sisters by Krugerrand. 5M made her way onto my elite cow list the only way a cow can do so - she earned it. I have a daughter and graddaughter of 5M in my herd.

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