Midwest Beef Cattle Consultants

The Total Beef Herd Health Program consists of a comprehensive examination of the entire beef business to help solve problems and increase herd productivity and profit.

If you are a veterinarian, I offer two services to you. The first is a herd consultation visit where I will accompany you on a herd visit to your client's farm or ranch to help identify the "weak links in the chain" in your client's beef herd. After the visit, we will together write up a herd report that outlines the suggestions we have made for herd improvement. After the initial visit, I will be available to you for follow-up, but you will assume more of the consultants role when dealing with this client.

I also offer half day seminars for your clinic continuing education meeting. You will pick a topic of interest for your clients and I will outline a plan of action for these concerns.

"I've had the opportunity to work with Dr. Hilton on several occasions (including having him as the featured speaker at a client meeting) and every time both my clients and I have benefited. I've benefited from sound, practical advice that I can share with the clients with whom I work and my clients have saved literally tens of thousands of dollars by implementing his suggestions.

One of the things I like best about working with and getting advice from Mark is that he was in private clinical practice for 15 years working with real farmers/ranchers just like I do. He knows the value of a dollar and how farmers think and talk and he has tremendous credibility with them.

Another plus has been that Dr. Hilton is concerned about solving the problem through me. He seems to be most satisfied when the client's problems are resolved and the client is impressed and satisfied with me.

I have definitely solidified many client relationships/loyalties because of the work that I've done with Dr. Hilton because of the money they've saved and the reliability of the information I've given them. Picking up new clients has also been a plus because satisfied clients talk to their neighbors and through working with Mark, I've been able to offer sound advice that is different from what people usually get."

Matt Byers, D.V.M
Dodgeville Large Animal Veterinary Service, S.C.
Dodgeville, WI 53533

Another opportunity for continuing education is at your state or regional veterinary medical meeting. I have spoken to veterinarians across the country and enjoy helping you in assisting your clients to improve their productivity and profitability.

The Total Beef Herd Health Program consists of the following divisions:

1. Herd Health

2. Records

3. Fertility

4. Environment

5. Marketing

6. Genetics

7. Nutrition

We examine the herd from a total herd view and make recommendations based on financial return. Common concerns of herds I have visited in the past include: inadequate herd fertility, cows that do not fit their environment, lack of hybrid vigor, pasture conditions that are not optimum for production, excessive calf morbidity, etc. Although we see recurring trends in herds, each herd is quite unique in its strengths and weaknesses.

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