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Esophageal Feeder Video

Demonstration on how to properly use an esophageal feeder tube to administer electrolytes.

How to cast a cow before assisting in delivery

This video shows how to cast a cow on her side before assisting in delivery of the calf. This is a much more natural way to deliver a calf and allows the owner or veterinarian to be in complete control of the situation. If you deliver a calf while a cow is standing, many complications can occur. With this method, there are no complications.

How to properly use a calf jack to deliver a calf

In this video we demonstrate how to propery use a calf jack or fetal extractor. We have already used our arms to manually dilate the vagina and the cow is down on her side as described in the previous video. The key to using the calf jack is to only use tension when the cow strains to assist. You will note that the chains are generally not tight and we are working with the cow to deliver the calf.

How to dilate the birth canal before delivering the calf

In this short clip we show how to insert your arms into the cow's birth canal to dilate it before delivering the calf. We clasp our hands together and push our forearms laterally so that the vaginal tissue is dilated to ease the delivery of the calf. We do this before lying the cow down to deliver the calf.

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