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Unique Sale Format

Each bull and female have a base price listed on the sale board that lists all the animals available. If you have interest in animal, please write your buyer number next to that animal’s number on the sale board. In previous sales we have required you to have your buyer number next to an animal to bid. That is not a requirement now. We still think it is beneficial to use the sale board and I will explain that later.


If you are the only bidder on an animal, the bull or female is yours at the base price IF you chose to purchase the animal. Putting your number on the board does not obligate you to bid on that animal. When two or more buyers have selected the same animal, each will have the opportunity to bid on the bull in $100 increments or the female in $50 increments until only one bidder remains. If you get your top choices and then don’t need the others you have marked, we will erase your number from the other animals with your buyer number. If all bidders put their numbers next to the animals they want, this allows everyone to see how much competition they have. This benefits all buyers in that you tend to get the animals you really want at the lowest price possible. Our ultimate goal is NOT to squeeze the last dollar out of you. It is for you to get the best animals at the best price for your herd goals.


Another unique feature of our sale is that you make the sale order so that you have the best chance to purchase your top choices. When you check in, you will get a buyer number and an index card. On one side of the index card, write your top 3 bull choices in order of preference. On the opposite side, do the same for the females. Please give your cards to me by 12:30 so I can make the sale order based on your preferences.


If you have additional questions on our unique sale format, please give me a call. One of our repeat buyers calls it the most honest sale he has ever attended and we appreciate that comment.

Customer Guarantee

All bulls have passed a breeding soundness exam and are guaranteed to be breeders

Calves will be vigorous at birth and jump up to nurse

Growth rate will be exceptional

Daughters will be low input, fertile, easy-keeping, front pasture cows that will have long productive careers

Structural correctness is guaranteed for life

Health is guaranteed - Johne's and BVD PI free

Calving ease on cows is guaranteed and some bulls are certified for use on heifers

All bulls are free of known genetic defects

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Bulls for Sale

Bulls for Sale

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